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Welcome to ChessCoin!


Our coin started in 2016.
It uses the POS (proof of stake) mechanism to create blocks. The annual staking rate is 32%.
ChessCoin allows instant transaction processing with 64 second blocks, 2 hours minimum stake time and 32 blocks coin maturity.


Download the wallet software

Get the pre-compiled wallet binaries for your OS:
or compile yourself: other tools:
Find the checksums for the files here.



How to get your wallet started?

1. Download the wallet software from above.
2. Copy the chesscoin.conf file into the correct directory, e.g.

3. and then start your wallet.

4. hint: secure your wallet with a password
5. backup: now is also a good time to put the wallet on a USB stick (to do that close the wallet and copy the wallet.dat file)
6. Feel free to collect your first ChessCoins from a faucet
7. If you like you can also use a bootstrap:
7a. close your wallet
7b. download the current bootstrap files from here.
(you can find the current version in the signature of user: ZzzzeyeZzzz)
7c. copy the bootstrap files into: C:\Users\*.*\AppData\Roaming\ChessCoin (Linux: /home/yourOwnUserHere/.chesscoin/ )
7d. start your wallet again

Join our tournaments - with prizes (15000 CHESS)

Take part in our first chess tournament event!

We play on the lichess site:

The prize money are your donations that are sent to this address, until December 22:       CUxNLaWyjnXHMF3PfLoJXvfFXXzdcyJfT1

We've so far 15k CHESS as prizes :-) see here

Sponsors will be listed here for their kind donations. Thank you!

Review the rules here please.
Keep in mind:
what I wrote above is not the Holy Grail, and requires your feedback. We might iron out things more (e.g. dates/times; who gets how much prize, ...).
Since it's our first tourney we'll make our experience and adjust - work in progress :-)

Where can I find block explorer?

Where can I find a faucet?

On which exchanges is ChessCoin listed?

Where is the old website?

See here a copy from 2017 May.

Someone forgot to renew it and it got in other people's hands :-(
That is why now this website is hosted here on github, because: